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Sam's Journey

Updated: Mar 29

Journey Update: Sam's journey ended successfully with a healthy, perfect birth! Sam, her family, and her intended parents were able to spend lots of time together after baby's arrival before the parents flew home. Sibling journey has already started, and everyone is hoping to try for pregnancy this Summer!

Journey Update 9/27/23: Sam's due date is 10/14! We are all counting down the days with her until intended dads arrive next week! Cannot wait, we are so excited for you all!! We know everyone is more than ready for baby boy to meet the world and his dads :-)

Sam is a first-time surrogate who is currently pregnant and due in October! She is matched with first-time intended dads who are overseas and eagerly anticipating their baby's arrival in just a few short months. Sam has been an absolute joy to work with, and we are so thrilled to share in her journey as she gives this incredible gift to another family. She is excited to share her story and journey with others!

Meet Sam:

35 years old

Lives in Iowa

Married with 3 kids

In-home childcare specialist

Enjoys reading and working out

How has Collective Surrogacy supported you in your journey so far?

Collective Surrogacy has been wonderful to work with! They are quick with updates and answers to my many questions :) Since this is my first time being a surrogate a lot of the process was new and unknown to me and both Keely and Megan took their time to explain things very simply.

How did you and the parents share your positive pregnancy news?

We did a video chat while I read the results of a home pregnancy test. It was a very faint pink line, but it was there!

Please share a treasured moment for you in this journey thus far.

My favorite moment so far has been seeing the baby in the ultrasounds and being able to share that moment with the intended dads. Such a sweet thing to be able to see how baby is doing and have the dads be there as much as they can be!

It's Official!

How was your visit to the fertility clinic for medical clearance?

When I made my first visit to the fertility clinic, I was so happy to hear everything looked good! I have had 3 healthy pregnancies in the past, but it's been about 9 years, so I was hopeful; but I was still a little nervous. Now I am just keeping myself healthy and continuing on with my day to day :)

Describe your matching process and how you decided that your intended parents were the right match for you.

There is a lot to do before a match meeting is even an option. It felt like a big step forward once I got to that point. The couple I met with were wonderful! They were easy to talk to and we shared basically all the same views on how we wanted things to go before, during, and after pregnancy. I feel like Keely definitely knows what she is doing when she suggests potential matches :)

Have you shared the surrogacy journey with your children, friends, or family members, and how have people reacted?

I have told my children, since they are old enough to understand what is going on, and they all seem excited for me. I have had nothing but good reactions when I have told friends and family!

What piece of advice would you give to surrogates starting their journeys?

Be patient :) and prepare your spouse, they are more involved than you might think.

Overall, I am loving the journey and I am very thankful I found Collective Surrogacy!

Sam's Family!

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