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The Collective Match Process

Great matches are our top priority and the best way to ensure a smooth and happy journey.  Every surrogate new to matching will be evaluated as a match for our full list of parents to identify the best fit.  Our parents financially commit to our program only after matching in order to avoid any pressure on either side to accept a match that isn't ideal. 


Our approach results in faster and better matches for surrogates and parents who are then more likely to go on to have a successful journey together (and hopefully a lifelong connection!).

"You are in the best hands with Collective Surrogacy!  I am grateful for the team at Collective Surrogacy and how they are able to first get to know me a bit to help me find the best match. I believe they have done that and I look forward to seeing my relationship with my IPs grow as we continue on this journey together."

- Nicole, CS Surrogate, MN

Thank You Surrogates

"We are forever grateful to you for making our dreams of becoming parents possible."  Dads-To-Be A&J (Massachusetts)

"Our journey with surrogacy allowed us to become parents - a feat we thought impossible. Our daughter has enriched our lives with immense joy and laughter. Our world has not been the same since she came into our arms. We are forever indebted and bonded to our surrogate and her family for helping us become parents. Surrogacy changed our lives for the better."  Parents-to-Be R&K (Florida)

"We can't thank you enough for allowing us the greatest gift of all!  We are grateful for everything you do, and may God bless you with health, luck, and happiness for giving us this gift."  Mom & Dad-to-Be N&R (Florida)

"Words cannot adequately express how grateful we are that there are people like you who are willing to do incredible, selfless things to help us build the family that we cannot build on our own. We are so excited to get to know you and to take this journey together."  Dads-to-Be S&P (Minnesota)

"We are just so grateful for you. We didn’t believe that expanding our family would even be an option, and the option of surrogacy has given us so much excitement and hope that we can have the family we always wanted to have!"  Mom & Dad-to-Be M&B (Minnesota)

"We are so excited to be a part of this meaningful journey. We are thankful that as a gay couple, we found the option for fulfilling our dream and expanding our family. This journey would not happen without exceptional women who are willing to be surrogates and join us. We just can't wait to meet in person and start this journey together!"  Dads-to-Be R&Y (Israel)

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