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Aubrey's Journey

Updated: Mar 29

Aubrey is currently approved, matched and completing medical clearance! Contracts are signed, and everyone is looking forward to a first embryo transfer attempt in May/June!

Aubrey is a first-time surrogate who is recently matched with intended parents from Israel. Aubrey is an incredible woman who is motivated, responsible, energetic and kind! We are all so excited for the journey ahead!

Meet Aubrey:

37 years old

Hair Stylist

Lives in Ohio

Married to Derek (aka the "Unicorn Husband")

Boy Mom to Landon, Braxton & Nash

Fun Family Fact:

We love Disney & Universal! All of us share the love of riding roller coasters!

What led me to surrogacy?

I was very close to my aunt growing up. I remember as a young child watching her struggle with infertility. I saw how hard it was for her to face the possibility and heartache of not becoming a mother. I watched her cry, and pray, and ultimately choose adoption. 

Fast forward to my experience becoming a mother. I always had in the back of my mind that it may be hard to conceive and I may not be able to do this the “old-fashioned way.” Well…it wasn’t the case, thankfully. Conception was pretty textbook and so were my 3 pregnancies and deliveries. I was so thankful. I would jokingly say to my husband that I would make a great “incubator “ for people who couldn’t have kids, however I wasn’t quite emotionally ready for it. 

During the latter part of 2023, my husband and I were sitting in the hot tub and one of us brought up the idea of being a surrogate again and my husband encouraged me to go for it. I knew a few women that had done it and after knowing I wasn’t too old at 37, I eventually decided to take a chance and apply. 

Turns out I am a textbook candidate and my empathy turned into my purpose.

A little bit about our family…

Our family is always on the go! Our boys are each multi-sport athletes, so we have to keep up with their busy schedules. You can find us mat side at a wrestling tournament, or at a baseball or football field. We also love to golf as a family, and the boys (and dad) try to ride their dirt bikes with the occasional motocross race. 

We also homeschool all 3 boys and love it. Focusing on our faith and our family are always at the top of our lists. Working all day, and the kids being gone for school and sports just didn’t allow us to have the family time we desired. Homeschooling allows us to do that.

We also LOVE to travel whether it be for a tournament or for fun. We’ve been blessed being able to travel all over the United States with wrestling and baseball. Our favorite vacations are usually going on a cruise or going to Disney World as often as we can! 

Why Collective?

When I decided to embark on this surrogacy journey, I originally started the process with a larger agency. On a whim, I decided to look into Collective for a friend, which ultimately ended up being a better fit for me as well! I love how God works things together sometimes!

I love the personal feel I get from Collective. Diane, my journey coordinator, has been with me every step of the way, and it takes the pressure off of me when it comes to needing guidance. So far, the process has been pretty seamless!

What have I been most excited or nervous about so far in the process?

Honestly, it all has been pretty exciting to me. Every step further into the process comes with new excitement. The MOST exciting thing is to think about getting that positive pregnancy test and being able to share with my IPs that their family is expanding! 

As far as nerves go, it is usually pretty minor. I am a little nervous to start some of the hormone treatments just because it is a new territory for me, but again, having Diane and Collective walking me through everything, makes things easier. 

What am I most looking forward to?

I cannot wait to develop a long lasting relationship with my IPs and be able to watch their family grow and see pictures and updates in the future! The thought of knowing I had a part of the process of making their family complete means everything to me! 

How did I know the IPs were the right match for me?

I just knew! I knew immediately upon meeting them that it was a good match. The conversation flowed naturally upon meeting! Honestly, we didn’t need much prompting! It seemed like we were on the same page just reading their profile. You hear a lot that, "when you know, you just know" and that was true for both my husband and me!

What would I say to surrogates just beginning their journey?

Firstly, you can have full confidence in knowing that you chose the right agency with Collective! Have no doubts, because they will literally walk you through each step in detail and cover everything that you probably haven’t even thought of yet! Also know that they have great experience in finding the right family to match you with and once you match, it starts to get really real!

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