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Boutique Midwest Surrogacy Agency

"Surrogacy changed our lives."

- Parents through Surrogacy, K&K


CS Surrogate Lindsey

What I love about Collective Surrogacy is how they made me feel from Day 1. They are personable, informative, supportive, and they don't treat me like a number.

Surrogate Qualifications

  • 21-43 years old

  • Live in a surrogacy-friendly state (all except Nebraska and Michigan)

  • Physically healthy

  • Healthy height to weight proportion for pregnancy (BMI <35)

  • No significant criminal history

  • At least one live birth, raising at least one child

  • Healthy pregnancy history

  • No more than 5 pregnancies and/or 3 c-sections

  • Financially independent

  • No current medication use potentially harmful to pregnancy

  • Motivated primarily by altruism to help another family in this way

What Makes Us a Top Choice for Surrogates?

  • You choose your benefit package

  • Fee payments start earlier

  • No out-of-pocket costs

  • One dedicated Journey Coordinator from start to finish (who is also an experienced surrogate)

  • Wonderful intended parent matches

  • You are a valued member of our program, not a number!  You will know you are appreciated at each step of the journey.

  • Top financial and legal safeguards

  • Highest ethical standards, set by our Founder & Director, a leading expert in the surrogacy field since 2006

Sample Benefit Package

BASE FEE $43,500

  • $1,000 Fee at Final Clearance

  • $500 Medication Start Fee

  • $1,000 Embryo Transfer Fee

  • $500 HCG Pregnancy Confirmation

  • $3,500 Heartbeat Confirmation

  • Equal Monthly Pregnancy Payments 


  • $250 Monthly Allowance

  • Travel + Companion

  • Maternity Clothing

  • Family Allowance Per Overnight Absence

  • Lost Wages

  • Post-Birth Medical Leave (6-8 weeks)

  • Life Insurance

  • Medical Insurance

  • Medical Expenses

  • Weekly Bed Rest Allowance

  • Attorney's Fees

  • And More


CS Surrogate Cassie

With Collective, all our communications have been warm and I felt like I wasn't just a "client," but an important part in another couple's life. Finding an agency that treats you like family is so important and with Collective that’s what they do!


CS Surrogate Nicole

You are in the best hands with Collective Surrogacy!  I am grateful for the team at Collective Surrogacy and how they are able to first get to know me to help me find the best match.


CS Surrogate Ashley

I can't put into words the experience I have had, but I'll try: Fun, loving, caring, prompt, very responsive, detailed, kind, I could go on and on; these words are just a fraction of how I feel working with the Collective team.

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