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Nicole's Journey

Updated: Oct 4

Nicole is a first-time surrogate who is currently matched with intended dads that are local to her! Nicole has been unbelievably wonderful to work with, and we are so excited to share in her journey as she gives this amazing gift to another family.

Meet Nicole:

33 years old

Toddler Teacher at a Montessori School

Married to Emily

2 kids : Bingham (Bing) & Dashel (Dash)

State: Minnesota

Fun Fact:

I have lots of twins in my family. I am an identical twin, my boys are identical twins, my dad is a fraternal twin and my grandfather is a fraternal twin!

Where are you on your surrogacy journey (June 2023)?

I have been matched and am waiting to get some paperwork done with my IPs clinic to continue my journey to an embryo transfer date.

What brought you to begin a surrogacy journey?

I have always been fascinated by pregnancy and how amazing and strong our bodies are. I really enjoyed my pregnancy and want to give back to a family needing extra support to grow their family. My wife and I needed a donor and are forever grateful for him. This is my way of passing on his act of kindness to share the joy of becoming parents with another family.

Tell us about you and your family!

My wife and I have two wonderful, adventurous, curious, outdoor loving toddler boys. We enjoy spending lots of time outside, especially in the nice summer months. We have enjoyed sharing some of our favorite activities with our boys; going to the lake, dining out (even when it is a little bit crazier with toddlers) and helping cook or bake at home.

What was it about Collective Surrogacy that helped you choose us to guide your journey?

I like how small the agency is. Through my process, I have been able to have lovely conversations with everyone. They pride themselves on building connections so you don't feel like just a number. I enjoy making new connections with people and everyone at Collective Surrogacy is so warm and ready to assist with anything I may need throughout my journey.

What have you been most excited or nervous about so far in the process?

The match process has been very exciting. I really enjoyed the first meeting with my IPs when we could get a sense of how our relationship can grow through this journey. I am grateful for the team at Collective Surrogacy and how they are able to first get to know me a bit to help me find the best match. I believe they have done that and I look forward to seeing my relationship with my IPs grow as we continue on this journey together.

How did you know your intended parents were the right match for you?

I knew my intended parents were the right match because we share a lot of the same core values on what a good journey together will look like. I am trusting them and they are trusting me to make the best choices together. We all want a successful journey together and to add a beautiful child to their family. I am also excited because they are local to me and I look forward to what that will bring into building our relationship on this journey.

What are you most looking forward to in the journey?

I am looking forward to having my IPs local so they are able to enjoy some of the smaller moments of pregnancy. I loved watching and feeling my babies kick. It is something small, but this is something they will be able to see and experience with me.

What would you say to surrogates just beginning their journey?

You are in the best hands at Collective Surrogacy! They are willing to answer any and all questions you may have.

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