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Meet Journey Coordinator Meriel

Updated: Apr 4

Meet Meriel! Meriel joined our team in October and brings her personal experience as a 3x gestational carrier to her role as a Journey Coordinator for our GCs and IPs. We would describe Meriel as energetic, enthusiastic, caring, and funny! She's got a heart of gold, and we are so grateful she is a part of our CS team!

Couple wearing sunglasses smiling with mountain in background.
Hiking with my husband Edwin in Colorado

A Little Bit About Me: My name is Meriel and I currently live in Colorado Springs, Colorado. My husband is active duty in the Air Force and we share three beautiful children. We have lived in eight different states over our 21 years together. Other than Colorado, my next favorite state was Hawaii. I love to be outdoors and if I have any free time you can find me hiking. My husband was born in Colombia and has a deep passion for soccer and has instilled this passion in all of our children, so I am also the quintessential soccer mom. Whether it's a ride, snacks, or cheering embarrassingly from the stands...I have you covered! I enjoy reading and listening to podcasts and will never turn down a good true crime documentary.

Woman smiling dressed as a soccer player and stomach painted as a soccer ball
Halloween with my first surrogate pregnancy

How I Found Surrogacy: One day a friend of mine asked if I would consider being a surrogate. After some consideration, I decided it was something I wanted to pursue. I loved being pregnant but knew my own family was complete. I thought it would be an amazing opportunity to help another family experience the joy that becoming a parent brought to me and my partner. I was lucky enough to be a surrogate three separate times and help complete two families. Now I get to live out my dream every day, helping other women pursue their dream of helping complete other families through surrogacy.

Fun Fact About Me: I am a huge Harry Potter fan and we have two dogs named after characters in the series, Luna and Albus.

Message to Potential Surrogates and Intended Parents: From the bottom of my heart, thank you for allowing us to be a part of your journey in achieving this monumental dream! Creating and completing families through surrogacy is something we are all passionate about and we are so blessed to be able to walk this road with you. Being able to support you through this process is an absolute joy and I assure you we will do our best to ensure a smooth journey ahead❤️

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