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Meet Assistant Coordinator Maggie

Updated: Mar 29

Meet Maggie! She is our newest team member and supports the whole team as an Assistant Coordinator. Maggie's professional background prior to joining CS was as a Labor & Delivery Nurse, and she is just about to start her second journey as a GC. We would describe Maggie as calm, caring, genuine, and witty - she is an absolute joy to work with!

A Little Bit About Me: Hi, I'm Maggie! I'm a wife and mom of 3 beautiful babies. My husband and I were born and raised in Indiana. We always joke that we want to move somewhere warm, but we secretly love our little town. My family is very active- we love exploring the outdoors, traveling to new states and in the summer, you'll find us in a pool. I've been a Registered Nurse for over 11 years and have primarily worked in Labor & Delivery and Outpatient Surgery. Once I became a surrogate, I knew I wanted to switch gears and start working in the surrogacy field- best decision ever!  

How I Found Surrogacy: I knew I wanted to be a surrogate when I was a labor nurse. I saw multiple adoption and surrogate deliveries that made me quickly realize that I wanted to carry a baby for someone in need. When my youngest turned one, I felt like it was a good time to start researching surrogacy agencies. I honestly didn't do much research and went with the one and only agency I reached out to. My pregnancy and delivery was very smooth and I delivered my first surro baby in November of 2023. I am now working on journey #2 with the amazing team at CS!

Fun Fact About Me: Our family business is a funeral home. My grandfather started our funeral home with his brother, and it has remained in our family ever since. Our funeral home was across a large parking lot from my house. Growing up, it was very strange to my friends how often I would spend time there. It was completely normal to me, but now that I look back on it, I can see why sleepovers at my house might have been different 👻

Message to Potential Surrogates and Intended Parents: All of us at CS are extremely thankful and blessed to have you. The wonderful IPs and surrogates we have make our job so easy. We love watching you form relationships with each other and seeing your dreams come true. Never stop believing!

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