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Safeguarding Our Surrogates

Safeguarding our surrogates against financial risk is a top priority here at Collective Surrogacy. The women who volunteer their time, energy, and heart to helping another family in this way should bear as little risk in this journey as possible. Here are the ways CS protects our surrogates:

Amounts owed to you are placed in an escrow account prior to pregnancy.

CS requires that the parents place your full fee and the estimated amount for your anticipated bills and expenses in escrow before pregnancy. An additional amount is placed in escrow mid-pregnancy if needed to cover any anticipated remaining payment obligations. Each surrogate has access to her escrow account to check the balance and status of pending payments at all times.

The escrow account stays open well after delivery until all bills are paid.

CS requires that your remaining fee payments plus an additional amount for expenses is the minimum required escrow balance until all bills and costs are paid after birth.

All money to be paid to you by the parents is placed in an escrow account before beginning the first embryo transfer cycle.

CS does not hold or have access to any of the money that will be paid to you by the parents. All funds are held in a third-party escrow account with SeedTrust Escrow, a leading escrow service provider in the surrogacy field. Money comes out of this account only for eligible payments; neither CS nor the intended parents have access to the funds during the escrow period. SeedTrust summarizes its services and security as follows:

“We're the leading, technology-enabled escrow fund manager for egg donation and surrogacy. We put our clients first with best-in-class technology, providing immediate access to the entire case file, real-time updates on account balances, payments, and disbursement requests. Our top priority is the safety of our clients’ funds. We have robust internal checks and balances in place to ensure their security. Every request is examined by a staff of specialized escrow managers led by an attorney. This is followed by verification by a CPA-led payment and banking team, and then audited by an accounting team. The entire process is facilitated through our custom-built, Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) escrow software to minimize errors, increase transparency, and ensure the proper process is followed. This comprehensive approach provides unparalleled security and precision in managing client funds.”

All of the above is set forth in detail in the surrogacy contract between you and your intended parents at the very start of the match. You will have your own separate attorney to review the agreement and adjust any terms to be sure they meet your needs.

All CS policies and procedures are created with the best interests of our clients in mind and to build in safeguards, protections, and peace of mind at all stages of the journey. These are created by our Founder & Director, Keely Seaverson, a leading expert and ethics advocate in the surrogacy field since 2006.

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