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Surrogate Payment Schedule

Payments that start earlier.

No receipts required.

Extra financial protections.

Surrogates should never have to risk having a financial loss as a result of this process. Our signature Safeguarding Our Surrogates program offers special protections for our surrogates that no other agency offers.

Complete this preliminary application to determine eligibility.  Takes <5 minutes!

All Benefits Total $50,000+

Please find a general overview of our Collective Surrogate Benefit Package as follows.  These amounts are in addition to reimbursement for all other actual expenses incurred throughout the journey.

$40,000          First-Time Surrogate

$50,000          Experienced Surrogate

Base fee amount.  We believe surrogates' compensation should be tied to the time and commitment of each stage of the journey (not just the pregnancy), and that commitment begins early in the process.  Our payment schedule therefore begins upon final medical clearance and is structured to compensate your time commitment thereafter regardless of pregnancy outcome.

$2,250-          Legal Representation


In addition to having legal representation when reviewing and negotiating the surrogacy contract, each surrogate is entitled to legal advice and guidance at all stages of the journey and may utilize a $1,000 allowance for this purpose at their discretion.

$500             Life Insurance

Face value policy of $350,000.

Up to            Psychological Support 


Our surrogates have access to a $1,000 allowance to seek the support of a psychologist or counselor throughout the journey or after birth if recommended by their physician or at their own discretion

$1,000           Pregnancy Support

A $1,000 lump sum for pregnancy support services to use however you prefer (chiropractic care, prenatal massage, doula, housekeeping, or other options to ease the physical demands of pregnancy) is paid at 20 weeks' gestation.

Actual           Medical Leave


Surrogates are supported during any extended periods of medical leave by having lost wages, extra childcare, and housekeeping costs reimbursed.  Lost wages are reimbursed for up to 6 weeks after a vaginal birth and 8 weeks after a c-section.







Multiple Pregnancy

Invasive Procedure

Pregnancy Termination

Loss of Reproductive Organs

All financial terms will be included in detail in the paperwork  surrogates complete in prescreening and then again in the contract between each surrogate and parent.

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