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Parent Cost Estimate

This cost outline is an estimate only.

Set costs are marked with *


Agency Fee

Paid in installments between match and the first embryo transfer, this fee provides unlimited services until each parent reaches success. We have no hidden fees and do not charge additional fees under any circumstance, in keeping with our commitment to promote transparency and cost controls in the U.S. surrogacy process.



Outside Professional Fees & Costs

This covers legal, insurance broker, and escrow service fees. We will refer parents to professionals relevant to the facts of their case and facilitate all steps between the parent and those professionals.



Surrogate Fee

Our first-time surrogates earn $40,000 tied to the time and commitment they dedicate to this process, and experienced surrogates earn $50,000.



Surrogate Expenses

These include prescreening costs, travel, lost wages for travel, life insurance, and expenses related to medical leave. Parents will view these details and be able to anticipate these costs specific to each surrogate during matching.



Surrogate Costs during Fertility Treatment

Includes embryo transfer cycle monitoring before and after transfer and IVF complications insurance.



Pregnancy Care

Pregnancy care costs include the surrogate's medical expenses during and after pregnancy.  Each candidate's insurance is evaluated during screening and parents will know these anticipated costs prior to match.



Total Estimate

Please add the below fertility clinic cost relevant to you and include the below potential additional costs in your planning.



Egg Donor IVF Cycle + Gestational Carrier



Existing Frozen Embryos + Gestational Carrier


Parents' Egg & Sperm IVF Cycle + Gestational Carrier

Fertility Clinic Costs 





Multiple Pregnancy


Invasive Procedure

Loss of Reproductive Organs



After Failed Embryo Transfer



After Cancelled Embryo Transfer

Repeat Cycle Costs

*Repeat cycle costs do not include any additional fertility clinic fees.

Additional Surrogate Fees

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