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Ashley, CS Surrogate

I can't put into words the experience I have had so far in my journey, but I'll try: Fun, loving, caring, prompt, very responsive, detailed, kind, I could go on and on; these words are just a fraction of how I feel working with the Collective team. Beyond amazing, they will forever have a piece of my heart - now, during, and long after my surrogacy years!

Dads O & I

Thank you so much for everything. You truly are the best.

Parents N & R

 We appreciate you and everything you do for us! 

Sam, CS Surrogate

CS has been wonderful to work with! They are quick with updates and answers to my many questions :) since this is my first time being a surrogate alot of the process was new and unknown to me and they took their time to explain things very simply. I am very thankful I found CS!

Nicole, CS Surrogate

You are in the best hands with Collective Surrogacy!  I am grateful for the team at Collective Surrogacy and how they are able to first get to know me a bit to help me find the best match. I believe they have done that and I look forward to seeing my relationship with my IPs grow as we continue on this journey together.

Client Testimonials

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