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"Surrogacy changed our lives."

- Dads K&K

Surrogacy creates love, and it wouldn't be possible without the amazing women who decide to become surrogates.  

Thank you for considering this journey and helping another family's dream come true!

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Basic Qualifications

For the safety and health of the surrogate and child, surrogates must meet the following qualifications:

  • 21-43 years old

  • Live in a surrogacy-friendly state (all except Nebraska and Michigan)

  • Physically healthy

  • Healthy height to weight proportion for pregnancy (BMI <35)

  • No significant criminal history

  • At least one live birth, raising at least one child

  • Healthy pregnancy history

  • No more than 5 pregnancies and/or 3 c-sections

  • Financially independent

  • No current medication use potentially harmful to pregnancy

  • Motivated primarily by altruism to help another family in this way

Determine Eligibility

Enter your information below to move forward with determing your eligibility.

Thank you! We will be in touch soon!

What Makes Us a Top Choice for Surrogates?

  • Uniform benefit package - it does not decrease based on what insurance you have or where you live

  • Fee payments start earlier

  • No out-of-pocket costs

  • Extra financial protections

  • Faster, more streamlined journey (each surrogate sets her own pace)

  • Small, expert team

  • Excellent matches - our parents all want relationships with their surrogate

  • We have several parents with embryos created who are eager to find their perfect match and start their journey!

  • You will know you are valued and appreciated at each step of the journey!

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